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BlueWhale Research uses predictive intent data, content personalization, and multi-channel communications to generate leads that grow our clients’ pipelines and drive growth.

We continuously analyze every aspect of each campaign to harvest the maximum value from every prospect interaction, whether successful or not, and provide actionable market intelligence not available elsewhere.

We use personalized, predictive intent data, optimized multi-disposition scripts, sophisticated data validation, and multi-channel outreach by email, teletouch, and social media to generate leads that convert at superior rates. BlueWhale leads are in-market and engagement ready, and our Total Service Quality program results in the lowest rejection rates and highest rates of on-time delivery available.

We provide site-specific best practices training as well as account activation and lead scoring, routing, and prioritization that increases efficiency and optimizes results obtained by customer Sales Development representatives. We provide SDR-as-a-service to augment sales development teams when necessary.

A full range of solutions for your complete marketing and sales funnel

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BlueWhale Research drives net new growth for these innovative companies.