Market Research for Demand Generation

SURVEY market research for demand generation

Discover real-time market insights to generate demand with your audience.

SURVEY produces research to reinforce your marketing campaigns from content creation, to demand generation, to go-to-market launches, and more.

Strengthen your channels with content based on market trends that resonate with your audience and can be used to generate demand with your buyers.

Ready to really understand your buyers?

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How does SURVEY work?

Tailor questions to your target audience to better understand their buying motivators and challenges

Inform your marketing strategy with real-time audience behavior and impact your business using market intelligence

Custom questions co-created with our experts to gain deeper insight into buyer attitudes specific to your market

SURVEY respondents sourced from a target list of 30,000+ contacts based on your demographic and firmographic filters

Flexible run time, meaning you get access to results quickly while they are still relevant to the market

Guaranteed at least 120 responses per question, so that you can have confidence in the significance of the results