What It’s Like to Be A BlueWhale SDR

By Eryn Moses, Sales Development Representative

There are many reasons Sales makes for a great career (HubSpot recently listed a few), but your success as a sales representative is dependent on how you approach the role and the support you receive from your company.

I never expected to get rejected by strangers daily in my job, and still love it. Or that I’d be building valuable professional skills via cold outreach. As I’ve settled into my role as a Sales Development Representative at BlueWhale Research, I’ve picked up some helpful insights that SDRs in any industry will find relevant.

An Attitude Adjustment

From the perspective of a new SDR, the hardest adjustment is getting used to rejection. Hang ups and ignored emails are a harsh reality of cold outreach. However, rejection is a critical part of our job and should be looked at as a stepping stone. Being rejected gives you more time to reach out to prospects who are actually interested and see the value in your services. When you approach rejection with this mindset, it allows you to shift your attitude for the better.

Every day is a new opportunity to have a great day. The more positive you are in your outreach, the more positive the outcome will be. “Smile and dial” isn’t a platitude, it’s a tried and true method for more successful sales. Your prospects really can hear you smiling through the phone, and that makes all the difference in how they respond to your pitch.

Purposefully adjusting your attitude as an SDR is all about being consistent and determined. You have to believe that your products or services can truly address your prospect’s pain points and add value to their work. With this approach, you’ll see the payoff in your performance as an SDR and in your professional fulfillment.

Culture Shock

No matter your industry, the company culture and leadership can make or break your experience. At BlueWhale, our leadership sets SDRs up for success. While this role can be challenging at times, our leadership makes sure to support us with professional development opportunities so that we can gain essential knowledge and skills to be successful. Not every organization devotes sufficient resources to Sales training and development. If you aren’t feeling supported in your role, speak up and let your Sales managers know how they can help you grow your skill set. After all, it will benefit both you and the company in the long run.

Our culture at BlueWhale is centered on working hard, but also encouraging and uplifting those around you. Sales outreach is much easier when we fully believe in the services we provide and have proven results to back it up. This allows us to convey the value of our solutions in a way that captivates customers and translates to sales.

The team at BlueWhale gives me the tools and community to stay engaged in my work. By approaching this role with the right attitude backed by a supporting culture, my hope is that SDRs across industries can find a rewarding career in Sales like I have.

Originally published on LinkedIn on February 7, 2022.

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