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Right Leads, Right Time, Right Conversations

BlueWhale Research drives demand for marketers who want to have the right conversations with the right leads. Our expertise guides marketing and sales through a proven process to quickly identify engagement-ready audiences for your entire funnel and triple your SQL rates.

Beyond delivering proactive, tailored solutions to achieve your revenue goals, we put our experience in marketing and sales development to use to enable the two teams to work together. From improving your lead results for marketing automation, to educating your team on lead handling, to providing SDRs as an extension of your organization, BlueWhale gets you closer to the close.

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BlueWhale’s partners trust us to innovate their demand generation strategies.

I love working with BlueWhale Research. They are professional and knowledgeable B2B Marketers. I can always trust that they get the job done, and get it done right. Every time.

– Associate Marketing Director


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Consultative approach and partner expertise

Consultative approach and partner expertise

Get the most out of your leads. We leverage our expertise to customize every customer engagement. Our partnerships extend across the full funnel and are always-on – we quickly understand your needs to set you up for success. From guiding you through the creation of your campaign to integrating it into marketing and sales workflows, our approach allows you to optimize your content syndication efforts across all channels, all from a trusted partner.


Thoughtfully designed and tailored programs

Thoughtfully designed and tailored programs

Tailor demand generation programs to your needs, with the ability to adapt to both internal and external changes. Our expertise across the entire marketing and sales landscape means we can deliver proactive and thoughtful solutions, and continue to work with you as your partner as the market and competition change over time.

We design intelligent programs hand-in-hand with our customers, customized for any size company and revenue need. BlueWhale is full service across the full funnel: we deliver engagement-ready leads at scale, at all points in the funnel, by continuously analyzing every aspect of your campaign and tailoring all elements to your objectives. Our customer success team is invested in your success throughout the entire campaign.

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Leverage the power of conversations

Leverage the power of conversations

Create conversations, not contacts. We firmly believe in the power of conversation. By having conversations with potential buyers, we are able to gather valuable insight that enables your sales team to turn those leads into opportunities. Refined over millions of calls, our proven process quickly moves you to have effective conversations faster and beat your competition to engagement-ready buyers.


High level, transparent execution

High level, transparent execution

Get reliable, high-quality leads when you expect them. We pride ourselves on being radically transparent by providing campaign metrics, progress reports, and behavioral lead information. The result is continuously improving campaigns that start strong and get better over time. We deliver leads with the lowest rejection rates and highest on-time delivery to ensure you can accelerate your sales goals without sacrificing quality.


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A full range of solutions for your complete marketing and sales funnel

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BlueWhale solutions are more than lead generation or content syndication products. They are proven processes that optimize your funnel from lead to conversation to close.

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