Accelerate your funnel with lead scoring for OUTREACH.

Identify valuable leads who would otherwise get lost in marketing nurture.

Our proprietary Enhanced Lead Scoring formula is based on both account and prospect level insights.

  • BOMBORA TOPIC COUNT based on the proportion of total topics where a lead is showing intent using Bombora Company Surge® data

  • TITLE LEVEL of buying committee members and how close they are to final decision makers

Get the full picture of leads for better follow-up and faster results.

Instead of nurturing in-market decision makers through multiple steps while they evaluate other solutions, identify which leads should be sent to your inside sales team for prioritized follow-up.

Would you want to miss out on a Director who’s actively researching your solution just because they didn’t open your email?

Comparison of content syndication lead (that does not reach threshold for inside sales follow-up) with lead that is scored using Enhanced Lead Scoring and answered custom questions, is actively researching 50% of topics that indicate purchasing intent and has a Director level title.