Sales Enablement

At BlueWhale, we go beyond simply selling lead generation programs. We make sure your inside sales team knows what to do with the different leads they receive. Marketers have a responsibility to support sales enablement efforts and educate their inside sales team. Your lead generation vendor should be an active stakeholder in that process.

BlueWhale strengthens your sales enablement processes through education on account activation, predictive intent data, and lead handling.

Account Activation

Our account activation tools provide valuable insight so you can think beyond the lead. With selection committees expanding, you need to extend your reach past the lead to the entire account. Through education on how to best activate accounts, we enable your inside sales team to start conversations with entire accounts, not just individual leads.

Intentional Use of Intent Data

Predictive intent data is only valuable if you know how to use it. Intent data should be used to inform your target account list, allowing you to reach the people who have the highest likelihood of taking a meeting and buying your solution now. We leverage our deep understanding of predictive intent data so that you can better prioritize accounts based on where they are in the buying journey.

Creating Conversations with Cadences

BlueWhale leads are designed to create conversations. The lead files we provide contain valuable down-funnel information so that your inside sales team can start conversations with prospects. We build tailored cadences to route leads appropriately based on where they are in the buying journey and to generate the best response rates. Your sales team can leverage these responses to have better conversations that get you closer to the close instead of being tasked with further qualifying leads.

Your lead generation strategy should not solely consist of delivering leads to your sales team. BlueWhale makes the most of the leads in all stages of your funnel by helping you gain a better understanding of lead routing and enabling Sales in proper lead handling.